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Recent FIFA’s have seen the introduction of many new game modes within FUT: FUT Draft (FIFA 16), FUT Champions (FIFA 17) and Squad Battles (FIFA 18). One thing all these modes have in common is that they offer bumper rewards.

FUT Draft gives you the chance to win packs, such as 50k or 100k packs, for winning 4 games. FUT Champions gives you the chance of winning big packs and TOTW players every weekend, as well as special monthly rewards. The new Squad Battles mode again rewards you with valuable packs for playing a few offline games each day.

However, one of FUT’s most iconic achievements, winning Division 1, still has the same measly 15,000 coin reward (along with Weekend League qualification and a kit). Putting that into perspective, 11 wins out of 40 in FUT Champions (Silver 2) gets you 15,000 coins AND 1 MEGA PACK AND 1 RARE GOLD PACK. You only need 15 wins to achieve this reward (4 to qualify, 11 for Silver 2). Winning 15 games in Online Seasons would only get you to Division 7.

The lack of proportional rewards means that many people are bored with playing Online Seasons. With the introduction of new reward-oriented game modes, surely Online Seasons deserves a rehaul?

Bigger Rewards

The clear solution to this is to introduce rewards that make divisions worth playing again. EA has already taken a positive step by introducing Weekend League qualification as a reward for the higher divisions, but most people would prefer to qualify through the Daily Knockout Tournaments instead.

Many people take weeks or months to work their way up each division, and this effort should be reflected in the rewards. It would be interesting to see packs and draft tokens introduced as rewards to increase the incentive of playing divisions.

Of course, EA have to be concerned with introducing too many coins into the market – to counteract this, some rewards can be untradeable. Most players would still prefer this over the current low coin rewards! Marius Hjerpseth suggested the idea of loan rewards:

Winning Division 1

Winning Division 1 has long been the main aim of any Ultimate Team player. But what does one do after winning Division 1? Where is the logical progression?

To keep people playing seasons after winning Division 1, the prizes should slowly increase. A player should start getting better packs each time they manage to win the Division 1 title. After all, it isn’t an easy achievement!

Win Streaks

To make gameplay more interesting even in lower divisions, players could get rewards for win streaks. EA could introduce special kits for 5, 10, 15 win streaks etc. This gives players more to aim for, without introducing too many coins into the game. Small touches like this can only enhance a player’s experience in the game mode.

In Depth Stats

In Online Divisions, we try a lot of players and play a lot of games. However, we still lack the ability to track in depth stats across each division. This isn’t just a problem in divisions, but across all FUT game modes. You can never have enough graphs and stats!

It would be cool to see how individual cards perform across each division, graphs of your rise through divisions, and more stats on how we compare to other players.

We conducted a twitter poll to see if you still play Online Divisions – make sure you vote and give us your opinions in the comments below! #MAKEDIVISIONSGREATAGAIN


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