The age-old question that even the most devoted FUT player loses sleep over; is this squad worth building or is it a waste of my coins?  During the early stages of FIFA, this is even more precarious as coins are hard to come by and you do not want to be buying and then selling players at a loss.  My goal at Every Day FUT is to make the building process easier so that more time can be spent getting into games, winning those games *wink wink*, and making an investment into a better squad.  There is no “right” way to build a squad, but here are loose guidelines that I think will help.

Step 1 – Acquire Capital aka Coins

You can’t build a team without any coins.  If you want your very first games to be played with a full gold squad, you will need to acquire some capital through trading on the web app.  There are a million ways to earn coins through the web app, some of the most obvious being logging in to receive your daily rewards and flipping players at a gain. The biggest investment you can make to acquire capital is time.  Understand that the surplus is gained through a large number of small gains, not one big one.  Don’t forget you lose 5% of every sale to EA tax!

Step 2 – Have a Vision

Before making any purchases, plan out the type of team that you want to build.  This vision should be based on your knowledge of your own gaming style because the effectiveness of a team comes down to how you use it.  Having good players in ineffective positions will frustrate you and cause you to sell and probably lose coins and time.  Decide what formation you will be using, and buy players based on their ability to play in that setup.  Personally, I enjoy the 4-3-3 attack, thus I know that I need to buy players that will excel in that formation.

Step 3 – Cost Effective Leagues

Though the Premier League is my favourite league and I plan on eventually building a squad from the league, having your starter squad based out of England is not cost effective.  Better players from other leagues will be cheaper than average players from the EPL.  The demand for players from the league is too high and thus the market is always skewed, especially early on before the market becomes less volatile.  A competitive starter squad ideally has the best players at the cheapest price.  There is no right league, just the one you feel most comfortable with.

Step 4 – Combine steps 2 and 3 to begin looking for players

This research should coincide with the vision of your team and the affordability of those players.  You need to be able to afford players that will work within the vision of your team.  Realistically every league will have enough players to supply you with any variation of vision that you may have, but some leagues will be more difficult than others based on the number of lower rated effective gold cards.  As you research players, the key to success is understanding how you want the player to play for you.  For instance, I plan on building in the 4-3-3 attack so I know that I want a quick shifty cam, a strong hold-up striker, wingers with speed and dribbling, and two mobile midfielders.  Thus one league may work better for me than somebody looking to build in the 4-4-2.  It is important to understand that the affordable players are cheaper for a reason, and they will lack certain attributes, thus plan accordingly as to what you want those to be.  For instance, I know that I will probably not be able to buy a winger with good shooting if I want them to have good pace and dribbling.

Step 5 – Decide when to purchase

Once you have acquired capital, set a formation, and decided on the players, it comes time to actually make the purchases.  However, timing is everything.  If you find yourself with enough money to buy your team before the full release of the game it might be wise to continue trading to build more capital and wait until the prime opportunity to build.  This is a predicting an unpredictable market situation and becomes a personal risk.  Prices may rise right before the game drops as people finalize their teams, but at the same time, with early access prices may also drop as people who have the game garner wealth and sell there cheaper players.  Inevitably this comes down to when you are going to be able to start playing.  If you’re not getting the game tell the 29th, waiting for the One to Watch hype and pack openings could spur the first price drop of the season.

Step 6 – Have a plan B

Ideally with proper planning you will feel comfortable with your team once you get the chance to use it in game, but it is also important to remember to have a plan B.  Think of the worst case scenario and plan for adjustments you may need to make the team more effective without having to liquidate and start from scratch.  Good Luck!

What league will you be making your starter squad around? Do you have any other tips for building an affordable team? Let us know in the comments!


Article by: Everyday FUT

Twitter: @everyday_fut

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