The FIFA 18 demo is coming out on Friday 15th September 2017, and along with the release date, we have found some very interesting pieces of information regarding the demo, from a variety of reliable sources. So I’ve decided to write this article, which tells you everything you need to know about the FIFA 18 demo.

FIFA 18 Leaked Information (Demo and FUT)

FIFA 18 Demo Kick Off Game Mode

As always, the demo will include kick off mode, which allows you to test the new and updated gameplay features, in an offline setting.

(Please note that the following is based on past years, along with what we have seen at conventions such as Gamescom, so is subject to change).

Match Features

Match length: 8 minutes (4 minutes each half)
Match type: Single player or against a friend
Weather: Clear / Rain with changing weather effects
Difficulty: Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class, Legendary or Ultimate
Time: Day / Night

FIFA 18 Demo Teams

  • Atlético Madrid
  • FC Bayern München
  • Chelsea
  • Juventus
  • LA Galaxy
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • Real Madrid
  • Toronto FC


  • Home / Away (likely to be no third kits in the demo).


All new celebrations are expected to be included in the demo!

FIFA 18 The Journey 2 (Hunter Returns)

Like last year, we expect an important cutscene from the Journey (most likely the beginning) to be featured in the demo. On the official Xbox store, cut scenes from The Journey were leaked. They have since been removed however can still be found across a number of different channels on youtube. We expect there to be a playable match and an interactive cutscene on the demo, however as of yet nothing has been leaked or confirmed.


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Article by: HK9Gaming

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  • Terrible article.

    Clearly to promote this guy’s channel, just an article version of his video. No hate, but quality over quantity. There’s no quality in this article, so it’s better not to do these again, better to get a different writer next time!

    I hope you take my feedback on board.

    • HK9Gaming
      3 years ago

      Hi mate, appreciate the feedback. The article was based on the video, however gave relevant information that was not mentioned in the video. The videos give information that is not written, so I understand your sentiment but hope you see where it from my point of view. Have a great day and once again, thank you for the feedback.

  • Thanks man for the update. Really appreciate your efforts.

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