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Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing has picked up the $200k prize at today’s FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final in London. He convincingly defeated the German ‘Deto’ 7-3 on aggregate.

Gorilla was the star of the FIWC tournament, which spanned 3 days in his home city of London. Not only has he won $200k, but he also gets the chance to attend the Best FIFA Football Awards.

He was presented with the trophy by the legendary Ruud Gullit, who was included in Gorilla’s FUT team for the tournament.

The Grand Final

The FIWC final was composed of 2 legs, one on PlayStation 4 and the other on Xbox One. The final began on Deto’s home console, the PS4. In this leg, Gorilla took an early 1-0 lead, with Deto quickly hitting back to make it 3-1. However, Gorilla made a comeback in the late stages of the 1st leg, making it 3-3, scoring 3 all important away goals.

Deto’s chances were short lived on the Xbox, with Gorilla cruising to a 4-0 victory on his home console, scoring a goal with Gullit himself. Winning 7-3 on aggregate, Gorilla took the crown as the world’s greatest FIFA player.

Gorilla’s Tournament

Gorilla was an attacking threat throughout the tournament, with 46 goals across the 3 days in London. He finished 2nd in his original group behind Codyderfinisher. However, he got his revenge against Cody in the Xbox final, beating him 7-2 on aggregate.

The Rise Of FIFA in eSports

This year has been massive for competitive FIFA, with FUT Champions, the FUT Championship Series and FIWC. The increase in FIWC winnings, from $20k last year to 200k this year, reflects how big FIFA eSports is becoming.

It looks like competitive FIFA has a big future!

What did you think of Gorilla’s FIWC victory? Are you looking forward to FIFA’s future in eSports? Let us know in the comments!


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