The biggest details of the upcoming release of FIFA 18 have today been released at EA’s live event, FUT Live. The event, hosted by Spencer FC, Castro1021 and Mavric Wolves, has revealed a number of new features being introduced into FIFA 18 – here is a rundown of the highlights.

The stream got off to a somewhat shaky start as we were forced to listen to at least 15 minutes of soul-draining repeating instrumental music after Castro’s intro.


Check out EA’s official Icons Stories trailer!

Everyone has been excited to find out how icons will work on FIFA 18, and how they will differ from the legends in previous iterations of the game. EA announced ‘Icons Stories’, which means there will be 3 different versions of each icon in FIFA. Each version will represent a different era in their career and will have different stats. These icon cards will also have different appearances in game to reflect what the player looked like at the time.

It was announced that the 2 lower rated cards for each icon will be released in packs from day one. The highest rated, ‘prime’ version will be released throughout the year during ‘Throwback Thursday’ promotions in both SBCs and packs!

This has proved to be very popular, especially as many fans were disappointed with the release of a 90 rated LW Henry. With Icons Stories, Henry will now have an 87 LW (1997 era), a 93 ST (2002 era) and a 90 LW (2009 era).


FIFA 18 sees an all new pack animation, and they’ve clearly stepped it up a level from FIFA 17. EA announced that there are new walkout celebrations, and some players will have signature celebrations such as Dele Alli and his wave. The pack opening screen also includes 2 screens which reveal the nationality, position, club and rating of the highest rated player in the pack.


A number of new icons have been released at FUT Live. The full list of icons include:

  • Ronaldo
  • Henry
  • Maradona
  • Yashin
  • Pele
  • Ronaldinho
  • Ferdinand
  • Gullit
  • Roberto Carlos
  • Jay Jay Okocha
  • Vieira
  • Schmeichel
  • Puyol
  • Del Piero
  • Owen
  • Deco
  • Robert Pires


All new daily and weekly objectives can be completed to get regular rewards. They could include playing matches, building squads, or buying players! Objectives can be completed in-game or on the new companion app.

Squad Battles

This is a new single player mode, offering the best possible rewards offline. You can take on featured squads from across the community to earn points on the leaderboard. The more points, the better the rewards!

Champions Channel

Champions Channel allows you to watch games played by the best FIFA players worldwide. EA believe this is a great way to learn how to play from the pros!

Ones To Watch

EA revealed the first 5 OTW players, based on the biggest transfers so far. They also announced that OTW players will be able to upgrade from cards other than in-forms, with more information coming soon.

What Else?

  • Redesigned Companion App and Web App, including the ability to do SBCs
  • Brick Slots in SBCs – slots can be locked to specific clubs, nations and leagues
  • New kits
  • First FIFA 18 gameplay (featuring Real Madrid players)
  • First Nintendo Switch gameplay

What do you think of the new FIFA 18 features released at FUT Live? Leave your opinions in the comments!


Article by: Dan B Design

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